You know that warm, cozy cabin feeling?

That's the feeling we want our customers to feel from our artwork.

Here, you belong. Here, you're safe.

Here, you're right at home.

Surrounded by familiar landscapes and cherished memories of travels near and far. Comforting colors that only Mother Earth could provide and the affirming visibility of all people.

Havyn is more than a brand. It's a state of mind. A feeling of peace. A favorite place. A collection of values.

Erin kissing Gordon on the cheek. Business partners and life partners.

We're Erin & Gordon

and we're so glad you stopped by!

We created this business for two simple reasons: to revel in a shared love of the outdoors with our fellow wanderers, and to help every one of these lovely humans feel seen through our paintings.

What Matters: Our Values as a Family Business