Meet the Artists

Hey, friends! Welcome!

We're Erin and Gordon Blair, and we're so happy you're here!

Erin and Gordon, artists and woodworkers, smiling with their arms around each other and their foreheads pressed together in the wood shop.

We're the proud parents of two girls who are growing up way too quickly, one crazy Boston terrier, and one trail-loving hound.

We're just a normal family who loves the outdoors and thinks it's important to speak up for what we believe in:

That every life should be valued. Every love should be celebrated. And EVERYONE deserves to feel seen and safe. 

This is how we feel in nature.

Where noise and anxiety fades, the world feels a little calmer, our problems feel smaller, and our brains and bodies let go.

Our goal is to create a haven that feels that way for everyone who visits our shop.


Erin smiling happily in her studio wearing a red plaid shirt.

I'm Erin, designer and painter here at Havyn. I'm a highly sensitive, spontaneous introvert who loves coffee, hates licorice, adores the feeling of the earth under my feet, and is easily distracted and overstimulated.

Art and nature have always been my escape and my safe space.
After working as an art therapist with teenagers for 10 years, Havyn is my return to my own art making, a giving to myself of the patience and acceptance I gave my clients.
I do this to honor my own journey as a queer woman as well as those of the LGBTQ+ students who impacted me so deeply. 
I am extremely passionate about inclusion, and you'll find that love woven throughout every fiber of this business.


Gordon smiling in a flannel in the wood shop.

Hey, I'm Gordon! I'm the sawdusty side of this operation - maker of handmade frames, seeker of old barn wood, and lover of chess and strong tea.

Walking in the woods with Erin is just about my favorite thing in this world.

I'm a wanderer, and I love finding a new trail and exploring off trail. Erin and I are not those outdoor adventurers with the fancy gear in top notch fitness. We just love the woods and the way it makes us feel.

I'm a slow hiker who stops to examine every fungi and listen to the birds, trying to appreciate every element.


We are proud to have created an ever-evolving brand that includes people of every size, every age, every race, and every gender.

Because we all deserve mental peace. And Mother Nature makes space for us all.

Here at Havyn, you'll find landscapes and fir trees, hikers of all kinds, couples and families of every gender and love, and affirmations for the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

All created with the warm and comforting tones of natural wood, the soothing colors of planet earth, and

of course...

A rainbow-themed framed print of two friends helping each other up a mountain.

plenty of rainbows!


We're so glad you're here and we hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming in-person events!

Come introduce yourself, we'd love to meet you!